Business introduction
Noble Metals
Noble Metals

DSM is a material company that develops,
produces and regenerates various materials by utilizing precious metals.

  • 귀금속
  • Platinum element symbol : Pt

    Characteristic An all-white precious metal, harder than silver, having its heyday and ductility.

      It is very stable in air, moisture, etc. and does not change when heated at high temperatures.

      Commercial use is increasing due to good corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

      A small amount of rhodium keeps the advantages of pure platinum intact, making it a stronger and stronger alloy.

    Purpose Used in all industries such as electricity, electronic products, semiconductors, and manufacturing devices

  • Platinum rhodium alloy
  • 귀금속
  • platinum rhodium alloy

    Characteristic To give hardness in pure platinum and to strengthen heat resistance and corrosion resistance

    Purpose chemical and chemical containers

      T/C Wire

      car catalyst

physical and chemical properties
kind atomic symbol atomic number specific gravity point of fusion (g/cc) Melting point(℃) electrical resistance (℃) electrical resistance (㏁)
RHODIUM Rh 45 102.91 12.44 1,966 4,500 4.7
SILVER Ag 47 107.88 10.5 960.5 2,155 1.6
PLATINUM Pt 78 195.23 21.45 1,769 4,300 10.6
GOLD Au 79 197.2 19.35 1,064 2,360 2.3
division Contents
glass industrial platinum glass for electronic components platinum materials for LCD & PDP glass production, platinum materials for CRT glass production, platinum materials for free glass production
glass fiber bushing for long fiber, bushing for fiber
optical glass single crystal, lens et al
laboratory platinum apparatus Parts for research and development, testing and inspection
chemical industry oil industry, platinum catalyst
Production item Product shape purpose function note
특수도가니 제품형상 pre-sampling of
Glass Bead Production
high temperature chemical safety
high temperature erosion protection
analogous glass expansion factor
High Temperature Form Maintaining
high temperature thermal stability
Tong Tong 제품형상 for experimental
Crucible tongs
high temperature erosion protection Pt 100%
PtRh Alloy
orther 기타 제품형상 thermocouple protection tube
DTA Cell,
Mesh Level Probe Tube(Ø3-70) Stirrer,
For temperature measurement
for glass stirring
glass level maintenance
Product Coating
Pt 100%
PtRh Alloy